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12” SIZE

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Product Details

  • Frenchie the Bulldog is the Most Adorable Way to Display - Cheese, sausage, olives, salami, crackers, chips and dip, fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, mini burgers, chocolate, truffles, cupcakes or any other of your favorite snack time foods!

  • Artisanal Craftsmanship - He's Finely Carved from Thick and Solid Ultra Smooth Natural Bamboo that Will Last Years

  • Perfect Culinary Size Serving Platter - Frenchie Measures about 11" inches Ear to Ear and 12” Ear to Cheek

  • The Most Adorable Cheese Board Ever - The Original French Bulldog Inspired Cheese Board and Snack Platter

What customers are saying about this item

“It’s the perfect size for 2. It’s adorable and makes a fantastic gift to someone who loves their Frenchie!”

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From Over 100+ Amazon Reviews

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